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Covid-19 Policies and Procedures

We commit to strict attention to detail in minimizing risk of transmission for the health 
and safety of ourselves, team members, other practitioners, and clients. 

The facilities have been upgraded to include: 
Touchless Square card readers in PDX location, Square invoices in Salem location
Touchless door entry
Touchless infrared thermometer
Touchless hand sanitizer for clients and staff
UVC sanitizing light
Hepa air purifiers
Vinyl zippered pillow covers
Fresh sheet covering the treatment room guest chair to place clothing/belongings
A plentiful stock of disinfecting supplies 

Additionally, the office lobby is closed to minimize contact. Self-service items have been removed, including the water dispenser, cell phone chargers, and business cards. We are discontinuing use of hot towels and heat packs during this time. If desired, please bring your own water, and bring minimal personal belongings to your massage.

Universal precautions by employees~
Stay home if experiencing any symptoms of illness, including but not limited to 
fever, cough, loss of taste/smell.

Wash hands at least 30 seconds with soap and warm water before and after massage sessions, after sneezes/coughs/use of restroom, and after handling used linens/trash.

Thoroughly sanitize surfaces, door handles, treatment room, and restroom between clients.

Wear a fresh mask and smock for each massage session.

Expectations of clients~
Complete Covid-19 symptoms form via ClinicSense prior to appointment. We are unable 
to see clients who have not completed the form in advance of appointment time.

Wear a mask before, during, and after treatment. Note: if the face down position is uncomfortable, we can offer side-lying as an alternative, more comfortable option.

Contact us by phone/text at (503) 327-3819 to advise arrival so your LMT 
can meet you at the door.

Payments no later than 24 hours of invoice receipt for Salem clients is appreciated for small business sustainability.

These expectations & the Covid-19 form are included in all appointment confirmations 
and reminders. 

Thank you, we appreciate your business and 
look forward to being of service.